Our Authorship Authentication method

What would you do to verify a student's work?

Compare with previous work and talk to the student to Confirm


Manage Assignments with Integrity

Perform the assignment process like you usually do (create, assign, collect, check, assess):

  • using our stand-alone assignment tool,
  • within your standard LMS through our integration, or
  • as part of your exam platform workflow (LTI integration)
Table illustrating how all cheating methods are covered; collusion and plagiarism covered by existing plagiarism checkers, and ghostwriting and AI writing covered by the authorship authentication method.

Question session to Confirm authorship

  • The student uploads their response as normal.
  • Questions tailored to the content of the response are immediately generated.
  • The student answers the questions to complete the submission process.
  • The questions are tuned to measure authorship, not assess student ability.
  • Additionally, the question session can be proctored for extra security.


Compare submission with previous work

  • Once the submission has been completed, the Authorship Verification step begins.
  • The system compares the submission with the student's writing history to verify whether the same person has written it.
  • Backed by established research we use Linguistics and Digital Text Forensics in combination with trained AI models tailored to different subjects, abilities and language levels.
  • Various AI detection checks are included for completeness.
A schematic view of the two-step authorship authentication process. On the left hand showing the question session and on he right hand showing the automatic cheating detection models.

Actionable Insight Report

The outcome of the above steps is presented in an actionable insights report:

  • The probability of whether the student has written the assessment response, with explainable results.
  • An indication of the correctness of the student's answers to the questions.
  • An adjustable threshold for high-risk alerts.

Academic Integrity Solution in the age of AI

  • Compares submission with the student's authentic writing (with up to 99% precision)
  • Question session to help confirm authorship (even a 1% false positive is unacceptable).
  • By authenticating the author we rule out cheating methods (Ghostwriting, AI and Plagiarism)
The assignment management process: create assignment, then assign to studens, then students handing in followed by the automatic question session, then the automatic integrity check,  with results presented in an actionable insights report, before the assessment response can be assessed.

Additional Information

Secure / Regional Hosting

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) configurable to regional hubs.

LMS Integration

Manage assignments through your LMS. 

Data Protection + GDPR Compliant

Adhering to industry standards for Privacy and Data Protection.

LTI compliant

Integrated with other systems, such as exam platforms and administrative systems.


Supporting WCAG2.1


Optional proctoring of the question session for additional security.