Has Generative AI
or the student
written the text?

Nor.Education offers a new and reliable method to
confirm original student writing

Our unique method:

Authorship Authentication

Authorship Authentication prevents Ghostwriting and AI writing and can be used alongside existing plagiarism detectors. Note: don't confuse our method with AI-detection.

Academic Integrity Solutions

Redefining the problem is the key:

AI writing = Ghostwriting

  • AI writing can be compared with contract cheating / Ghostwriting, when the student submits the text as their own. 
  • Our method solves the age-old problem of ghostwriting. Consequently, we also solve the new challenge to academic integrity caused by generative AI.
  • We look for the student's writing style, as opposed to detection of other sources of writing.

How it works (it's what an instructor would do):

Compare with previous work and talk to the student to Confirm

1. Compare student's response with previous work

  • The system compares the response with the student's writing history to verify whether the same person has written it.
  • Established research in Linguistics and Digital Text Forensics are used, with AI models tailored to different subjects, abilities and language levels. 

2. Confirm authorship by asking questions from the response

  • The student uploads an assignment response.
  • Questions tailored to the content of the response are generated in real-time.
  • The student answers the questions to complete the submission process.
  • The questions are tuned to measure authorship, not assess student ability.
Authorship Authentication


Academic Integrity in the age of AI

  • Our method is an automatic two-step verification process. We compare the submission with the student's authentic writing history and ask questions from the submission to help confirm authorship. 
  • By verifying the student's original writing style and confirming the student's in-depth knowledge of the submission's content, we prove the absence of AI writing and human ghostwriters, and possibly also plagiarism.
  • Use our stand-alone tool or integrate our system with your learning platform (LMS = blue below)
The assignment management process: create assignment, then assign to studens, then students handing in followed by the automatic question session, then the automatic integrity check,  with results presented in an actionable insights report, before the assessment response can be assessed.

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